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Apple A1189 Battery

As 3-in-1s go, this one is relatively affordable. Its base 13-inch version starts at $799, and comes with a full HD LED touch-screen display, a Core i5 processor, and 8GB of RAM. Stepping up to the $999 15-inch model adds a Core i7, 12GB of RAM, and dedicated Nvidia graphics. You can also pay $200 more for a hybrid drive configuration and 16GB of RAM. If you already have an SSD, you can add it yourself, though Samsung recommends professional installation.

The smaller version weighs in at 3.9 pounds, while the 15-inch is a hefty 5 pounds—that's pushing the lower limit of desktop-replacement territory. Both models include a 45Wh battery, but Samsung didn't specify how long it's expected to last. It does include quick charging, though, which means 20 minutes of charging adds two hours of battery life.f you're considering this 3-in-1 primarily for video playback, you'll appreciate the HDR mode, which approximates the clarity and visual colors you'd get from an HDR-enabled display.

The Notebook 7 doesn't skimp on connectivity. You get a USB 3.0 port, a USB-C port, and
two USB 2.0 ports. Those are complemented by HDMI and an SD card reader, and an Ethernet connection if for some reason you need it.We have seen tech giants setting new records to bring differentiation in their smartphone portfolio. Like 'the thinnest in the world', 'one with the highest camera pixels' and more. In the laptop arena too, there's been race to find new differentiators. Desi brand iBall last month launched what it claims is the world's cheapest Windows laptop. How cheap you ask? The device (not 2-in-1 tablet) costs Rs 9,999, which is the same price as that of a budget smartphone.

iBall during the launch of its CompBook Excelance did manage to grab some eyeballs with its "amazingly low" price of Rs 9,999, but as expected, it performed exactly the way we thought cheap laptops would perform. But before we dive deep into its performance, let us talk about the build shall we? The iBall CompBook Excelance was able to impress us by its build quality. Of course, it's supposedly the 'cheapest Windows 10' laptop in the world so needless to say that we are talking about a plastic build here. The laptop felt frail enough to even survive a single drop. We didn't take our chances.

There's a gripping textured design at the back of the screen, which prevents the laptop to appear cheap and dull to some extent. The back has the Compbook logo with company branding at one corner. There is a plain flat non-textured design underneath the Compbook Excelance. Users would not be able to access the laptop's battery or any other innards as there is no clutch-like opening. Of course using a screwdriver and dismantling it would make them accessible but would probably void the laptop's warranty too. The two speakers underneath reflect the sound bouncing off from the flat surface. You may find the audio output shrill but at least you have two speakers in a laptop that costs a fraction of those Apple MacBooks.

On one side you have a USB port, mini HDMI port and a circular charging slot, while on the other side there is a 3.5mm headphone jack, another USB port, and a microSD card slot (up to 64GB). Although these ports might not match the bare minimum needs of a customer, it all makes sense given the Rs 9,999 price tag of the laptop and the young audience/students that it targets.

All in all, the iBall Compbook Excelance does not appear like a cheap laptop, at least from its design and looks. Also, given the build and the size of the device, it is simply one of the lightest laptops we have come across so far. Highly portable, the device takes minimal space while carrying around.Once you open the laptop, at first glance the keyboard layout design would strikingly look similar to that of the 12-inch Macbook. The Compbook Excelance has a Qwerty keyboard spanning from one side to another, barely leaving any free space. The keys unfortunately won't provide you the feel of a regular laptop as they are less clickable than others. It also has functional keys at the top. The clickable trackpad worked fine in our tests and was responsive. Don't have any high expectations from the webcam as itshoots videos and images in 640x480 pixels resolution.

As for the display, the iBall Compbook sports an 11.6-inch HD display, which according to us was just about fine for the compact screen. The colours are vivid and viewing angles are just fine for any daily user. Speaking about the world's cheapest Windows 10 laptop's performance, it might just prove to be the laptop's Achilles heel. The iBall CompBook is powered by an Intel Atom Z3735 Quad core processor, clubbed with 2GB DDR3 RAM.

We understand that the laptop is for light usage based on the target audience. However, it should at least be able to stream a live video without any hiccups. Few days back the iBall Compbook decided to randomly ditch on me and hang while I was trying to live stream Apple's WWDC 2016 event on Microsoft's newest Edge browser.The laptop sometimes skipped a few frames when we played a YouTube video in full HD resolution. In addition, the Compbook Excelance managed to heat up just after streaming couple of full HD resolution YouTube video of roughly 6-7 minutes. Just in case that super cheap price tag with a bunch of basic features was not convincing enough, iBall has hedged its bets by stuffing the Compbook Excelance with Windows 10 as well. Although the laptop comes with Windows 10 out-of-the-box, certain tasks still remained unfeasible. There is no special iBall content inside the Windows 10 laptop. Of course, you can experience the latest Windows OS with new features such as the new start button, Cortana virtual reality assistant, Microsoft Edge, new Photos app and more.

As for the storage, the iBall Compbook Excelance comes with 32GB of inbuilt storage, out of which our review unit showed total space of around 28GB (almost 14GB user accessible). However, there is always an option to expand the storage by adding a microSD card. You can also register for a free Microsoft account to receive 5GB of Onedrive cloud storage. On the connectivity front, the laptop was swift to detect and connect with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other connectivity options. Finally, the battery life of the Compbook Excelance on an average came out to be 6 hours on regular usage. The laptop boasts a massive 10,000mAh battery, which is rated to deliver working time of up to 8.5 hours on single charge.

For ports, this Dell comes with a Media Card Reader (SD and MMC), three USB 3.0 ports, one HDMI port, and one LAN port. This laptop also has a full-size backlit keyboard with a number pad. The trackpad, however, can be a bit sluggish and unreliable. And with no touch screen, that means a USB mouse is your best bet on this PC.

The Dell i5779 can seem unnecessarily large, but behind its bulky casing and sleek red trim, this laptop packs unexpected features that remind you why they make 15-inch laptops. If convenient performance is what you are really after, then this will be an easy choice.HP’s 15-ay011nr is a traditional notebook with solid components at a fair price, and by that grace alone, it is a great choice. Many will enjoy the conveniences of highly portable ultrabooks, but others sill still prefer the conveniences of old-tech features like a large internal HDD for storage. The HP 15 ships with either a 1 TB HDD or a 128 GB SSD (for the same price), and while the The 1 TB HDD has almost 8 times the storage as the SSD, it does not access data nearly as fast or as quietly.

Additionally, the SSD model doesn’t benefit from the smaller design, as this is a 15.6-inch laptop that is just under 5 pounds. The display is a 15.6-inch Full HD anti-glare matte screen with a resolution of 1920×1080. It looks perfectly fine, but is not touch screen, nor is it a strong point of this laptop’s design.What is a strong point though is the 2.3 GHz Core i5 6200U processor on this sub $500 laptop. This processor is just the right performance level for most users, allowing a lag-free experience that doesn’t slow down when multitasking. This laptop also packs an average of 7 hours of battery life, which means that despite its size, you could still bring it into a classroom, just don’t count on having elbow room in a larger lecture hall with this laptop in front of you.

8 GB of DDR3l SDRAM and integrated graphics are par for the course, but all in all, the laptop runs quite well. The full-size keyboard feels nice and has a number pad, but is not backlit, which will make late-night use more difficult. Ports include two USB 2.0 ports, one USB 3.0 port, a Media Card Reader, and an HDMI port. This laptop also sports a handy DVD+RW optical drive.

The trackpad is not favored as it has one button to serve as left and right click. Additionally, it is quite loud and stiff, but this is a minor gripe on a laptop packing this much power at such a low price. The modern conveniences of an ultrabook will be indispensable to some, but if you prefer a device closer to a desktop minus the desk, HP has your back. Between the large HDD, 15.6-inch screen, and DVD drive, you be set with your own digital home base.

MSI is a top name among gaming laptops because of their high quality components, but a design oriented exclusively towards portable gaming makes for a rather impractical form factor and price point for average users. Going with the GE62 Apache Pro does mean you get some of the best stock components you could ask for, but you have to be willing to pay over $1,000 (and sacrifice some bag space) to appreciate their value.

Depending on which model you go with, you could end up with a 6th gen Skylake i5 or i7 processor. Either is hard to push to its limits, especially with the included RAM starting at 8 GB of DDR4 and going up to 16 GB of DDR4. Some models come with compact SSDs, and some with bulky HDDs. A select few, however, offer a unique dual drive configuration that keeps your OS and essential softwares on a 128 GB SSD, and then partitions a 1 TB HDD (7200 RPM) for media and file storage.

Most models of the GE62 come with a Nvidia Geforce GTX960M 2G GDDR5, or for $200 more, you can upgrade to the GTX970M with 3 GB of DDR5. Either of the cards will run the newest games on high graphics settings without breaking a sweat, and there are only certain situations that would honestly call for picking the 970M over the 960M. Whichever configuration you select, all of the equipment is temperature controlled via a button-activated dual fan cooling system, which is both effective and silent.

The 15.6-inch 1920×1080 IPS display is beautiful, with MSI’s True Color Technology offering clear and accurate colors. A push for higher resolution would have been nice here, but adding more pixels means the GPU would have to work much harder, so I am happy with the middle-ground. As for ports, this laptop stocks two USB 3.1 ports, one USB-C port, an HDMI port and mini display port (both of which supports extra monitors for a total of 3), one LAN port, and a DVD drive.

The SteelSeries RGB LED keyboard is an awesome touch, even though some of the nonstandard key placements will agitate users (the delete and insert keys are swapped, among other small oddities). Macro keys are useful though, and the programmable LEDs can lead to hours of fun and distraction.

One big downside about a laptop with this much stuff packed into it is that the battery has a hard time keeping up, and will get an average of about 4 hours of life with regular use. Another big downfall is the so-so build quality of the mostly plastic case, the worst addition being the screen hinge. The plastic is overly flexy in several key areas, which means you should buy a very nice case for this laptop. But overall, it does contribute to a more lightweight laptop, and just 5 pounds for all these components is definitely doable.For a laptop that performs as well as a 17 pound $2,000 Alienware machine, the GE62 is a big time winner. If you consider yourself a power user who benefits from more hardware to play with, then consider this laptop. Good luck still wanting to get school work done, though.Though Samsung is a company that is known best for making phones, they have made a number of laptop models over the years as well. The Notebook 9 is their latest, which impressed reviewers everywhere with its amazingly lightweight and sleek design. And even with a full metal frame, the Notebook 9 is the lightest laptop on this list at 1.9 pounds, and tied for the thinnest with just a half-inch of depth when closed.