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Asus A42-K52 Battery

Ahmad Fahim Bin Hamad Awang, a Malay-origin Australian youth, was first detained by security agencies when he landed at the Indira Gandhi International airport Thursday night.After sustained questioning for a few hours at the airport, Awang was deported to Perth, official sources said.Some jihadi literature, including ISIS propaganda materials, were allegedly recovered on his laptop, the sources said, adding photographs of him posing with firearms were also allegedly found on the laptop.Among the photos found by security agencies was one of a bare-chested Awang brandishing an assault rifle. Another showed him sitting with a pistol on his lap, the sources claimed.During questioning, Awang said he had come to attend a meeting in Delhi's Nizamuddin area but his replies were suspicious, the sources said.After questioning for a few hours and scouring through the contents of Awang's laptop, security agencies decided against allowing him to enter the country and deported him to Australia in the next available flight.

The threat of 'lone wolf' attacks by ISIS supporters has been a matter of concern for security agencies in India.A 'lone wolf' terrorist is one who indulges in violence in support of some group, movement or ideology but works alone, outside of any command structure and without material assistance from any group.Awang's deportation comes amid a nationwide crackdown on ISIS supporters. 15 youths have been held from various cities for allegedly forming an ISIS-affiliate, called the Junood-Al-Khilafa-e-Hind, and planning terror attacks.Batteries are one of the most vulnerable parts of a laptop and small things such as a voltage overflow, or ill usage can render it useless. However, you don’t have to worry too much about it, as there are a numerous ways to fix your old battery in a less than an hour, and that too at a lesser cost than getting it repaired in a service centre. Today’s video hack will demonstrate a simple, quick method to reincarnate your dead laptop battery.

Mogadishu: Six people were wounded Monday when a laptop bomb exploded at an airport in Somalia, police said, the second such attack in recent weeks targeting passenger aircraft.The bomb exploded at a checkpoint in the small central town of Beledweyne, some 325 kilometres (200 miles) north of the capital Mogadishu, where last month Al-Qaeda-linked Shebab insurgents claimed responsibility for a bomb attack which ripped a hole in a passenger plane shortly after takeoff."A laptop computer went off at the screening area, and the security forces have also managed to defuse two other explosive devices, one of them planted in a printer," Police Lieutenant Colonel Ali Dhuh Abdi told reporters. "Six people were wounded, two of them policemen."The blast on Monday took place at a checking area where security screening is carried out before cargo and bags are loaded onto planes. The security checkpoint was manned by African Union troops from Djibouti as well as Somali government security forces.

The Click Mini’s size also impacts on its usefulness as a regular laptop. For taking the occasional note it’s fine, but since the compact chassis dictates a small-scale keyboard, expect to spend time accidentally hitting the wrong buttons.Another frustration is the unresponsive trackpad: too often I found a smooth swipe along its surface resulted in the cursor juddering across the screen. In fact, it was such a pain that I resorted to using the touchscreen when working for longer periods. This isn’t the ideal solution, however.Toshiba Satellite Click Mini review: In laptop mode, the Click Mini looks the business
Although the second battery in the keyboard lends it some weight, pushing against the screen still resulted in tipping the whole machine backwards. After a few hours of experiencing the keyboard rocking back and forth against the surface of the table I ended up detaching it entirely and opting to use the Click Mini solely in tablet mode.If you’re not on the move, however, you can connect an external keyboard to the USB 2 port on the keyboard base. Or, you can connect one directly to the tablet via its micro-USB port, with a suitable USB OTG adapter. Note that you’ll be unable to charge it at the same time, however, since this port is also used for power.

The Satellite Click Mini’s greatest strength is its screen, which is better than you’d expect from a device of this size and price. Its 1,920 x 1,200-pixel resolution is far sharper than the 1,366 x 768 common in screens of this size, and provides real high definition for a budget price. A brightness of 313cd/m2 and a contrast ratio of 1,015:1 help the display look vibrant both indoors and outdoors: despite the screen’s small size, it packs a punch when browsing photos or watching videos.Performance is more in line with our expectations of a budget convertible. The Satellite Click Mini uses a 1.33GHz Intel Atom Z3735F processor, with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of flash storage. It’s perfectly capable of handling internet browsing, basic office tasks and even lightweight games, but heavy-duty multitasking are beyond its capabilities. Even though the Atom is a quad-core processor, the Toshiba achieved a score of only 3 in our multitasking benchmark, dragging its overall benchmark score down to 10.

Toshiba Satellite Click Mini review: The Mini has a surprisingly broad selection of ports and slots
On the plus side, that low-power processor, plus the dual-battery design, helped the Toshiba Satellite Click Mini perform well in our battery tests. In laptop mode it lasted just over nine hours, looping video constantly with the screen brightness set to 120cd/m2.Connectivity is unremarkable: 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4 are supported. As mentioned already, a USB 2 port sits on the keyboard base, as well as a full-sized SD card slot. On the tablet part of the device you’ll find a micro-USB connector, a microSD slot - offering an easy way to expand the limited integrated storage - as well as a micro-HDMI port and a headphone/microphone combo jack.There’s also a 5-megapixel rear camera, a 2-megapixel front camera and speakers on either side of the tablet. The unit we tested came loaded with Windows 8.1 (Windows 10 will doubtless be preloaded once the current batch of stock sells out) and a one-year subscription to Office 365 Personal.

The Toshiba Satellite Click Mini isn’t a powerhouse, nor a triumph of elegant design, but for the price it’s an impressive device nonetheless. Those planning to do serious work should consider a device with a better keyboard and touchpad: the HP Stream 11, for example, lacks the tablet-mode option but is more comfortable to type on for longer periods. But if what you want is a lightweight Windows tablet with a great screen and a snap-on keyboard, the Satellite Click Mini will make a great, low-cost addition to your backpack.Windows 8.1 tablets never really took off as successfully as their Android and iOS-powered rivals. Despite Microsoft’s efforts to make Windows a tablet-friendly operating system, it was an awkward marriage. The arrival of Windows 10 changes all that, and HP’s latest low-cost hybrid, the Pavilion x2, is the perfect vehicle for Microsoft’s new OS.