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HP elitebook 8730w Battery

Some bags have a dedicated pocket for tablets and another for smartphones or media players. The latter sometimes have a hole through which you can route your headphones.
It's useful to have several zipped pockets which can be accessed independently, rather than having to open the main zip to get at internal pockets. That gives would-be thieves a view of what you're carrying and isn't nearly as convenient.
If you're after a rucksack, look for one with well-padded straps and – if you'll be walking long distances - a chest strap to help stabilise the load. Some bags even have a hiking-style waist strap, but that's overkill on a laptop carrier.

Many laptop bags have water resistant material either on the outside or in the lining. If this is a priority, bear in mind that only bags marked as waterproof will ensure your kit stays dry. Some bags come with a separate rain cover which you can pop over the rucksack in a downpour to keep your kit bone dry.
Water resistance doesn't mean the same thing, and if you're cycling in the rain, it's wise to use additional protection such as a proper rain cover or keep some large freezer bags to seal in your gadgets.
Prices vary widely, and you don't always get what you pay for. Buying a laptop bag from a fashion brand, for example, might be more costly, but doesn't guarantee better quality zips or fasteners than a cheaper bag.
In some ways the new Velocity is a step backwards from the previous Linear bag as the strap lacks 360-degree hinges which prevented them becoming twisted. However, although the new nylon material isn't as soft, it has better water resistance and there's new cable passthrough holes which makes it easier to charge a phone or tablet from a power bank while travelling. There's room for a 13in laptop and tablet together, plus extra pockets for keys and other small items. A decent choice if you're looking for a small upright laptop bag.

The small, slim and stylish form factor of the Helios Lite can carry (up to) a 13in laptop along and a handful of accessories. We found the Helios Lite able to comfortably carry an 11.6in MacBook Air along with everything we need for our day-to-day life at the office and feel that it’s just the right size for everyday use. The exterior is ‘weather resistant’ according to Moshi, and features magnetic strap closures for easy access.
The Helios Lite also comes with a variety of compartments (both inside and outside) of all shapes and sizes for carrying smartphones and other important items – although the microfiber lining used with other bags isn’t present here. It also includes a rear Napoleon pocket for your valuables (passport, boarding pass, etc) that is almost impossible for pickpockets to access. It's a little on the pricey side, but is a good option for the fashion conscious amongst us.

The STM Impulse isn’t the latest laptop bag range released by the Australian company, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good bag. It’s designed to fit laptops up to 16in, and in our experience, we found that the main zip pocket (which STM calls the ‘technology compartment’) had compartments for both a laptop and a tablet, and is lined with a soft, microfiber-esque material. We managed to fit a 15.6in laptop and a 9.7in iPad (with a full body base) comfortably in the technology compartment of the bag, so no complaints there. There are other zip compartments that can be used to store things like chargers and other gadgets, and one non-zipped pocket that perfectly fits a half-litre drink bottle. The straps of the STM Impulse are reasonably well padded providing a comfortable experience, and the inclusion of a chest strap is ideal for those carrying heavier items.

The Booq Boa Squeeze is a turtle shell-like rucksack for 13-15in laptops that when donned, will bow out from top to bottom to provide a streamlined shape. It’s made from tough-feeling black ballistic nylon with a cream coloured ripstop polyester-lined interior for a durable look and feel. There is a smattering of hidden pockets all over the bag, which can be used to carry valuable items from smartphones to cables and even your passport. Zip-down side pockets are also available for bottles of water, keys, etc. The main laptop compartment is well padded with dense foam, although the bottom of the bag doesn’t offer quite the same level of protection. The Booq Boa Squeeze is a fairly stylish option and has a lot of useful pockets for storing accessories, however, it costs more than many competitors and thus, doesn’t offer the best value.

Moleskine traditionally produces fine notebooks – and not the laptop kind either. However, the company also makes carrying bags for laptops, and the classy, understated Digital Device bag (Vertical or Horizontal) is a great option for those on the market. There are a multitude of options available for laptops between 13 and 15.4in, and there’s plenty of padding within the bag to protect your valuable digital goods. The vertical bag can be worn as a rucksack while the horizontal bag comes with a strap to be worn as a satchel, and both come with a strap to be securely fastened to suitcase handles. Read our indepth Moleskine laptop bag review.

The first thing you’ll notice about the BC_01 is its weight. At over 1kg, it’s reassuringly heavy and sturdy, and the sides are covered with high-density foam. Officially, the BC_01 only supports up to 13in laptop, but we found that we could fit in a 15in laptop (although it was pretty snug). You’ll also find a number of dividers and pockets for documents and other small items. Foam protects your laptop from the front and back, but there isn’t much protection at the sides. The briefcase itself is made from a water-resistant nylon, and the zips are covered by a water resistant material for extra protection in the rain. It’s not the cheapest option, but it's well designed and well made.

The Swissgear Scansmart is a laptop bag that’ll carry up to 17in laptops and is a personal favourite of ours at PC Advisor; read our full Swissgear Scansmart review. The Scansmart features a large laptop compartment with an extra pocket for a tablet or extra gear, and it can be unzipped the whole way round and opened flat on a table. Unfortunately, the Scansmart falls into the same trap as the Thule, providing padded protection at the front and back but not at the sides or below. Apart from that, there’s a second large compartment for all your other belongings along with a number of zipped pockets throughout the bag for cables, keys, etc. It’s comfortable to wear over long periods, and features air-flow back padding for extra comfort and back support.

The Crossover 25L has a 25-litre capacity and is crafted from dobby nylon that makes the bag appear dark graphite in colour at a distance, as opposed to pure black. The outer fabric is backed by a high-quality waterproof coating that should protect your laptop and other gadgets in a downpour. There’s one main compartment to the bag, sealed by a double-end zip and sectioned off with a designated laptop pocket large enough to fit a 17in laptop. The main compartment along with zipped sub-pockets are quite large and you can carry more than first expected. The only real downside is the lack of protection at the bottom of the laptop compartment – only a single layer of foam separates your laptop and the hard ground, potentially devastating if you drop your bag.